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What's on your wish list?

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Did you know we have a Wish List feature on our website?  You can create a list of your favorite things and send it to friends and family for a not-so-subtle hint that you need something Cute!  

Here's how it works ~ First, you'll need to create a Cute! Pet Gear account if you don't already have one.  One of the best ways to do that is to create an account through our Rewards program.  It's like feeding two birds with one crumb!  You can start creating a wish list and you start off with some Rewards points.  All you need to do is scroll to the very bottom of our web page and click on the green button that says Cute! Pet Gear Rewards.  You'll start off with 25 points!

If you've already got a Cute! Pet Gear account, this is your cue to sign in!

Next, scroll up to the very top of our web page and click on Wish Lists, then click Create a New Wishlist.  Name your Wish List and check the box that you want to share it.

Now get shopping!  Click on the items you like and just below the Add to Cart button, you'll see Add to Wish List.  Click that baby!  

Every time you save an item to your Wish List, you'll be transported back to your Wish List.  See that link at the bottom?  Copy and paste that into an email or social media post!  When friends click on that link they will be directed right to your Wish List!  

Now that's one easy way to get everything {from Cute! Pet Gear} that you're wishing for!  

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